Long Term Care Pharmacy Software

Long term care software from RNA helps you attract and keep facility customers by improving the efficiencies and value-added services of your independent pharmacy.  The Helix Pharmacy System equips you to fill orders accurately and timely, while obtaining assurance of payment before dispatching medicines and supplies to your customer facilities. In addition, you can offer value-added in-facility services such as barcode scan reordering, automated medication ordering software, facility web portal for on-demand clinical and billing reports, remote dispensing machines and medical records management.

As the original developer of long term care pharmacy software for independent institutional pharmacies, RNA continues working toward the future, leading the industry in innovative technology, easy installation, personalized training, ease of use and 24/7 no-hassle customer support. Built for Microsoft Windows, the Helix Pharmacy System provides a complete pharmacy solution from e-prescribing, to prescription processing, to workflow management, to inventory control, to integrated accounts receivable, to billing and reporting, to value-added services.

Best of all, because of its flexible design, the Helix Pharmacy System adjusts to the technology needs and comfort level of you and your customers.


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